Sdyn began as an engineering company in the 1980s with utmost confidence in our capabilities to continuously introduce technologies and products that would meet the evolving expectations of the market. We soon took the challenge of developing and manufacturing Electrodynamic Vibration Systems for the emerging needs of vibration testing in the Asian sub-continent. As the journey gathered momentum, we inducted multi-disciplinary engineering talent, utilized frontier technology and materials to offer high performance systems that inscribed a mark of reliability for our global customer base.

  • Entered global arena for complete range of shaker systems (600N-160kN)
  • Long stroke (76mm displacement) shakers
  • Integrated 2.5m x 2.5m Horizontal Slip Tables and Vertical Load Support with our shakers
  • Vertical movement in Combined Environmental Chambers for 3-axis integration
  • Introduced hardware upgrade for our Spark Vibration Controller
  • Introduced Industrial Chillers for high temperature and high humidity environmental conditions
  • Introduced water cooled technology for Electrodynamic Shakers
  • Integrated shaker with Environmental Chamber
  • Universal Power Amplifier for grounded / floated shakers
  • Upgraded technology for air cooled shakers up to 60kN force in automotive and military applications
  • High frequency PWM switching Power Amplifiers for all brands of shakers
  • Launched Environmental Chambers
  • New generation shakers for aeronautical and aerospace applications
  • Commenced export to South East Asia, China and South America
  • PC based Vibration Controller
  • Low frequency PWM switching amplifiers for all brands of shakers
  • Created awareness of environmental testing in the Indian sub-continent
  • Launched air cooled Electrodynamic Shakers