Electrodynamic Shaker
Thrust Shakers

Converts electrical energy from Power Amplifier to mechanical vibrations… Read More

Power Amplifier
Power Amplifiers

Multiplies the output of Vibration Controller by a fixed gain… Read More

Vibration Controller
Vibration Controllers

Creates test profiles on a PC and generates a signal in real time for the Power Amplifier… Read More

Horizontal Slip Table
Slip Tables

Frictionless platform used for vibration testing in X and Y axis… Read More

Head Expander
Slip Tables

Increases the platform size in Z axis without any support from the shaker body… Read More

Vertical Load Support
Slip Tables

Increases the platform size in Z axis with support from the shaker body… Read More

Standalone Chamber
Slip Tables

Temperature and humidity in a single working volume… Read More

Integrated Chamber
Slip Tables

Temperature, humidity and vibration in a single working volume…. Read More

Thermal Shock Chamber
Slip Tables

Hot and cold temperature in two different zones with movable working volume… Read More

Vibration Testing Equipment
Slip Tables

An Electrodynamic Vibration System and an audio system are somewhat similar in the basic principle…. Read More

Vibration Testing Machine
Slip Tables

Vibration testing is done to establish a forcing function into a structure, usually with the use of a vibration test shaker or vibration testing machine….. Read More