Reliably Yours


Reliably Yours
Sdyn is a leading manufacturer of Electrodynamic Vibration Systems and Environmental Chambers in the Asia Pacific region. Our company excels in providing environmental testing solutions to customer of all sectors of the industry in their endeavour to make a quality product.

We are taking several steps towards attaining global leadership through:

In-house design and development

Sdyn is constantly innovating, enriching existing technologies and serving an array of clients through turnkey solutions from in-house resources.

Manufacturing quality products

At Sdyn, all procedures are documented and the systems are well defined to meet the customer’s requirements. The ISO 9001:2008 accreditation gives confidence and pride to our customers of being associated with a professional and progressive organization.

Up-gradation in line with market developments

A team of dynamic engineers equipped with decades of expertise in the field of vibration testing is dedicated in improving the quality and reliability of our product while upgrading any part, concept or technology which has been updated in the global market. All new developments are verified against relevant standards and regulations.

Continuous innovation and investment in R&D

At Sdyn, our endeavour is to constantly improve the quality and reliability of our products. This compels us to continuously invest in R&D to produce solutions that you can rely on for years.

Solutions engineered to your needs

Each product from Sdyn is engineered and customised based on its application for you, and assures value in terms of its operational capabilities. Our products are designed and regularly upgraded to meet the challenges presented by the end user application. If you have a specific requirement in mind, all you need to do is to provide the test specifications to our sales representative.

Selecting the right test

There are innumerable specifications for each product to be tested upon. Selecting the right test or a set of tests relevant for your products is a challenging proposition. At Sdyn, we work closely with you to determine the testing needs, offering remarkable cost effectiveness.

Our people, our strength

The Sdyn team is the principal pillar of our strength. We have a team of experienced and dynamic engineers that provides end to end services for flexible and customised solutions. This enables us to offer you a broader platform to implement the demands of present and upcoming scenarios.

Compliance with quality and safety norms

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our quality policy. We achieve this by providing products and services that not only meet your expectations but also exceed them within the given time line and budget constraints. Further, Sdyn continually embarks upon improving effectiveness of its products in accordance with the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 and the safety norms put forth by CE and other regulatory agencies.

On-demand support

Sdyn gives its customers peace of mind when it comes to managing and supporting our products. We offer one of the most widely distributed and available customer support teams. We offer you a complete spectrum of services that include installation, commissioning, application assistance, original spares and training programs. Additionally, we make it easier for you to reach us through multiple modes including our customer friendly website (

Customer training

A major aspect of product delivery is customer training, in compliance with the operational and safety requirements. Apart from providing assistance that helps you derive the specifications and installation of the equipment, we provide you with technical manuals that have reader friendly operational and service details. We also conduct regular training programs, both at your facility and at Sdyn.

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