Every member of the Sdyn team assimilates our brand DNA, and places great emphasis on conducting their roles adhering to it. This core thought, or brand DNA is deeply ingrained in the organizational fabric and concisely captured by the statement below.

“Performance of a Leader. Heart of a Family.”

With decades’ worth of experience, advanced R&D capabilities, products of the highest quality, and supreme aftersales support, Sdyn is strongly committed to deliver benchmark setting performances to its clients. We continue to invest towards development of our strengths to stay ahead of others in the industry. Thus, this critical component of the brand DNA acts as a source of inspiration for our entire team, and sets the tone by promising the very best from our brand. Our engineers constantly innovate to deliver even higher standards and state of the art solutions, helping us in further strengthening our brand image. That is what makes us Leaders in Performance.

“Performance of a Leader”

While delivering industry leading performance, the Sdyn brand has a heart which is very warm and humane. We treat our people with genuine respect and sensitivity. And this outlook is not just limited to our customers, but starts very much from our employees, partners and other stakeholders. This kind of orientation gives a strong sense of belonging and loyalty to our employees, helping them feel secure and motivated. This reflects in minimal attrition rates, a willingness to perform beyond designated roles and taking complete ownership of respective jobs. At Sdyn, people are not resources to us. They are Family.

“Heart of a Family”

Understanding the Brand Name

The brand DNA follows from our corporate brand name.


‘S’ meaning ‘Saraswati’, represents the mother’s name of our highly respected late founder, Shri S.P. Gupta. It also represents the Indian goddess, Saraswati who is the source of our knowledge and wisdom and helps us to continuously learn and create new technology and products. It enables us to maintain our goodwill in the industry, at the same time nurturing a culture of non-discrimination, utmost dedication and transparency in our organisation.

‘dyn’ meaning ‘Dynamics’, represents our dynamic way of performing activities, which is aimed at striving towards continuous improvement to meet evolving needs of customers. It expresses our commitment to move ahead in the industry and constantly participate in new business opportunities.

Sdyn Promise

Derived from the brand DNA, the Sdyn brand extends a promise to its customers which is relevant to them and aligned to its DNA at the same time.

“Delivering solutions of the highest order, with a warm and humane outlook.”

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