Electrodynamic Shaker

Sdyn’s SEV and SEW series of Electrodynamic Shaker produces vibration based on the principle...

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Power Amplifier

DSA series Power Amplifier use solid-state power devices in a Class-D Full Bridge configuration...

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Vibration Controller

DSP based architecture generats signal as per user profile and controls Shaker in real-time with feedback from accelerometers...

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Standalone Chamber

A Standalone Chamber can be designed to simulate temperature and humidity conditions, individually ..

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Integrated Chamber

It has all the performance characteristics and features of the Standalone Chamber along with a detachable base..

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Thermal Shock Chamber

The movement is facilitated by pneumatics, which uses standard compressed air to operate. ..

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Horizontal Slip Table

A Horizontal Slip Table is compactly constructed using a precisely machined magnesium alloy tool-plate..

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Head Expander

We offer a varied range of head expanders to meet various testing requirement like accommodating..

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