Damper Test System


A Damper Test System is a unique application, where we modify our Electrodynamic Vibration System to perform dynamic tests on overhead transmission line dampers for single conductor (i.e. Stockbridge Damper) or multiple conductors (i.e. Spacer Damper).

Vibration in transmission lines are common worldwide and can cause conductor fatigue near any hardware attachment. Presence of vibration constitutes a problem only if the magnitude in high. Damage is generally in the form of abrasion or fatigue failure which occurs over a period of time.

Sdyn’s Damper Test Systems precisely re-create, accelerate, and control this phenomena to help manufacturers of overhead transmission line dampers characterise the following engineering parameters:

  • Phase
  • Force
  • Net Phase
  • Net Force
  • Node
  • Anti-node
  • Resonance
  • Fatigue

This system is capable of conducting the following tests on overhead transmission line dampers:

  • Dynamic Characteristics Test
  • Damping Efficiency Test
  • Damping Efficiency Test with Wind Power Input
  • Log Decay Test
  • Resonance Test
  • Fatigue Test

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