Air Cooled Series


Sdyn’s Air Cooled Series of Electrodynamic Vibration Systems comprises of our forced air cooled shakers and amplifiers.

Standard features of Air Cooled Series are:

  • Complies with Machinery Directives, Low Voltage Directive and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive under CE
  • Magnesium alloy armature structure
  • Cooling hose pipe of extended temperature range
  • Self-lubricating central guidance bearing
  • Trunnion mounted shaker for operation in vertical and horizontal position
  • Pneumatic and DC based auto-centring of armature head
  • Body isolation using air bellows to isolate vibrations from the shaker
  • Air isolation mounts between system base and ground

Optional features of Air Cooled Series are:

  • Up to 76 mm (3.0 in) with Long Stroke
  • PC based Power Amplifier Remote
  • Auto Resume from power failure
  • Auto Stop after user profile completion
  • Attachment to Horizontal Slip Table and Head Expander
  • Integration with Environmental Chamber
  • Lowering of gauss level at the armature head

Ranges covered under Air Cooled Series are:

  • SEV 140 (200 to 300 kgf)
  • SEV 180 (400 to 600 kgf)
  • SEV 240 (1000 to 1500 kgf)
  • SEV 300 (2000 to 2500 kgf)
  • SEV 360 (3000 to 3500 kgf)
  • SEV 440 (4000 to 6000 kgf)
  • SEV 440A (6000 to 8000 kgf)

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