High Thrust Series


Sdyn’s High Thrust Series of Electrodynamic Vibration Systems comprises of our water cooled shakers and air cooled amplifiers. These are designed for large and heavy specimens of irregular shapes and sizes.

A customer chooses this range for its sheer power, very high payload capacity, and high reliability. Being a part of big projects, everything about these systems is as per the customer’s requirement.

Standard features of High Thrust Series are:

  • Electromagnetic Armature and Field Coils
  • Magnesium Alloy Casting based Armature Structure
  • Dual Field Coil based Magnetic Circuit
  • Class D Full Bridge (H Bridge) Power Amplifier

Advanced features of High Thrust Series are:

  • Explosion Proof Design
  • Remote Operation from PC

Some common applications of High Thrust Series are:

  • Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Arms and Ammunitions

Ranges covered under High Thrust Series are:

  • SEW 500 (7000 to 10000 kgf)
  • SEW 590 (13000 to 16000 kgf)
  • SEW 760 (29000 to 32000 kgf)

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