Low Thrust Series


Sdyn’s Low Thrust Series of Electrodynamic Vibration Systems comprises of our air cooled shakers and air cooled amplifiers. These are designed for low payload capacity and for tests that require high resonance and frequency response.

A customer chooses this range for its low price, small form factor, and high reliability. These systems are generally very specific to the customer’s testing requirements and offer very little scope for future up-gradation.

Standard features of Low Thrust Series are:

  • Electromagnetic Armature and Field Coils
  • Magnesium Alloy Casting based Armature Structure
  • Dual Field Coil based Magnetic Circuit
  • Class D Full Bridge (H Bridge) Power Amplifier

Advanced features of Low Thrust Series are:

  • Explosion Proof Design
  • Remote Operation from PC
  • Modified Shaker and Controller for Damper Testing using Force and Acceleration Sensing
  • Modified Shaker and Controller for Rubber and Elastomer Testing using LVDT and Load Cell

Some common applications of Low Thrust Series are:

  • Testing to meet BIS Test Specifications
  • Electronics and Electrical Component Testing
  • LED and Bulb Testing
  • Sensor and Transducer Testing
  • Transmission Line Damper Testing
  • Rubber and Elastomer Testing

Ranges covered under Low Thrust Series are:

  • SEV 125 (100 to 150 kgf)
  • SEV 140 (200 to 300 kgf)
  • SEV 180 (400 to 600 kgf)
  • SEV 240 (1000 to 1500 kgf)

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