Environmental Chamber


An Environmental Chamber simulates environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity inside a closed space. These chambers facilitate in identifying flaws that occur due to variation in temperature and humidity in a product, which remain unidentified in the process of design, manufacture and shipment.

Sdyn’s Environmental Chambers are recognised globally for the highest quality raw material used in its manufacturing. Our highly versatile refrigeration system performs well under high temperature and high humidity environment. Finished in anti-corrosive and satin-finish stainless steel, Sdyn’s complete range of Environmental Chambers offers economy and performance to the customer.

Every chamber manufactured by Sdyn is feature rich and boasts an array of protections as default. These protections are interlocked to immediately shutdown the system in case of any failure. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Compressor Overload
  • Fan Motor Overload
  • Compressor High Pressure
  • Input Phase Error
  • Compressor Low Pressure
  • Door Switch

In addition to this, an independent safety sensor and controller are also provided to sense over and under temperature inside the working volume and then shutdown the system in case the limits are exceeded. This safety controller is powered separately in order to meet International Standards.

Sdyn manufactures the following types of Environmental Chambers:

Standalone Chamber

A Standalone Chamber simulates temperature and humidity in a single working volume.

Integrated Chamber

An Integrated Chamber simulates temperature, humidity and vibration from an Electrodynamic Vibration System in a single working volume.

Thermal Shock Chamber

A Thermal Shock Chamber simulates hot and cold temperature in two different zones. The working volumes can change its zone in a matter of seconds to simulate thermal shock.

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