Thermal Shock Chamber


Thermal Shock Chamber consists of two independently controlled hot and cold zones. The Unit Under Test is transferred between these two zones to simulate rapid changes in temperature. The movement is facilitated by pneumatics, which uses standard compressed air to operate. Sdyn’s Thermal Shock Chamber has vertical movements with dual door arrangement. Hot zone is at the top and cold zone is at the bottom.

The Thermal Shock Chamber can be air cooled or water cooled as per the customer’s requirements.

Standard Features

  • Two independent safety sensors and controllers to trip the system in case of any malfunction
  • Two front opening doors with double wall insulation, observation window, heavy duty hinges and lockable clamps
  • Multi-pane glass of 300mm by 300mm for observation on both the doors
  • Non-flammable Rockwool of 125mm thickness
  • Movement of basket from Hot to Cold and Cold to Hot using pneumatics
  • One travelling pluggable hole of 125mm for connection to unit inside the chamber
  • Inconel sheathed heaters, evenly spaced outside the usable hot zone
  • On-board display of all Interlocks and Protections
  • On-board or PC Software based profile generation and parameter monitoring
  • RS-232 Interface with PC for communication

Technical Specifications

Thermal Shock Chamber
Model Basket Volume (Litre) Basket Size (mm) Hot Zone (ºC) Cold Zone (ºC) Load Capacity (kg) Refrigeration System
27/40/TS 27 300x300x300 Amb to +180 -40 to Amb
-70 to Amb
20 Air Cooled
Water Cooled
125/40/TS 125 500x500x500 Amb to +180 -40 to Amb
-70 to Amb
30 Air Cooled
Water Cooled
  1. Customised specifications are also tailored on request
  2. Please contact Sdyn for advice on the optimum specifications to meet your testing requirements
  3. Specifications are correct at the time of publication and are subject to improvement or amendment without prior notice

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