Our Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) are either comprehensive (inclusive of spares) or non-comprehensive (non-inclusive of spares) as per the customer’s requirements. We build the AMC according to our customer’s demands and the following can be made part of the AMC

  • Training
  • Calibration
  • Software Upgrades

We maintain a team of highly capable engineers that can identify the root cause of every issue faced at the customer’s site. A comprehensive record of every preventive maintenance and breakdown is also maintained. This allows us to suggest our customers which AMC plan shall be the most suitable as well as economical for them, given the case history of their machine.

We suggest every customer to opt for 4 preventive maintenance visits annually. Our preventive maintenance visit is designed to detect even the smallest of issues that our machine could be facing or might face in the future. As a company policy, we always provide the best solutions, while maintaining complete transparency with the customer.

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