Accuracy of measurements plays a vital role at each stage in the development and production of quality products. Effectiveness of quality control steps depends directly on the accuracy and confidence with which the test and the measuring instruments can yield test results. Thus, systematic and periodic checking of the test and the measuring instruments is very essential for reliable measurements. The process of periodic checking of the test and the measuring instruments by comparison with another instrument of better accuracy is termed as Calibration.

Sdyn is committed to provide products that meet or exceed all national and international standards. To ensure that all our products do so for the entirety of their service lifetime, Sdyn offers calibration of every product under its portfolio.

Our state of the art calibration facility is located at our headquarters in Roorkee, Uttarakhand where we have in-house capability to calibrate all our products. We also perform on-site calibration of our Electrodynamic Vibration Systems and Environmental Chambers.

Sdyn offers calibration services to industries and organizations in the following domains:

  • Electro Mechanical Calibration (Accelerometers or Transducers having Charge or Voltage output)
  • Vibration Controller Calibration
  • On-site Calibration (Electrodynamic Vibration Systems and Environmental Chambers)

At Sdyn, we have a dedicated Calibration Cell for calibration of Accelerometers and Vibration Controllers. We follow the ISO Certified procedures and all our equipments are calibrated from an NABL accredited lab. For more information, please contact us at

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